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20/20 Vision

Position yourself for success
bu turning your customer
feedback into supercharged
sales-boosting testimonials.


You are sitting on a gold mine.

Mine your customer feedback for sales-building testimonials.

One of the most underutilized assets a business has in terms of valuable content lies in customer feedback. Beyond knowing if you're doing a good job and delivering on your brand promise, getting clear customer feedback hands you marketing gold: powerful testimonials that boost your credibility and drive engagement.

Consider the following:

  • Regular use of customer testimonials can help you generate over 62% more revenue not only from every customer but from each time they visit your brand.
  • The vast majority of consumers (88%) say they trust testimonials and reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • And a whopping 92% of people said they read testimonials when considering a purchase.

Get that testimonial and social capital in the bank!



Schedule a free consult. We'll have a quick no-pressure chat to determine if we can help you boost your credibility, consumer trust, and ultimately, SALES.


Book a Discovery Session. Once we receive your intake form and payment, we'll begin to analyze your customer feedback. If you don't have feedback. we'll map out a strategy to help you get it.



Within 30 days, you'll have supercharged testimonials to embed in your digital properties to position your brand as a trusted and valued leader in your market.

Finish the year stronger than ever and position yourself for growth in 2020.


allied+indie is here to help you engage your audience by crafting compelling content.

We are more than copywriters. We are strategic brand storytellers. We've been around the internet and we know the most provocative web content won't accomplish a thing without optimized design and SEO. In other words, content without a clear strategy is wasted effort.

You need more than blog posts. You need a well-researched organic SEO content strategy that offers measurable business goals for your website and your business.

We help mission-driven early and growth-stage businesses optimize their websites to get the results they need to succeed.

“When I started creating assets to launch my business, it quickly became apparent that we needed someone to lead our brand development. We needed a brand strategist who could develop a compelling message, eye-catching branding and critical positioning. Üma totally nailed it. Beyond the transactional nature of marketing, you should bring her on as a part of your team to grow your business over the long haul. 


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