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Done correctly, your website is more than a pretty brochure on the internet. It's a fully-functional marketing vehicle and your number one sales rockstar. Our specialty is website optimization through targeted, brand-values driven web copy that delivers more than information. We deliver results and a user experience your customers will LOVE.

Our copywriting is SEO-friendly and includes the following:

  • Website copy
  • Article writing
  • Blog posts
  • Ghostwriting
  • Marketing brochures
  • Email newsletters
  • Digital products
  • Advertising copy
  • Video script writing
  • Professional editing

Don’t see something you need? Contact us to talk about your project needs. We have an extensive network of creative professionals and we love being able to connect people through referrals.


In addition to project-based copywriting, we also offer ongoing content strategy in 3, 6, and 12-month packages. This service ensures consistent, on-brand messaging across every platform and usage.

An example of a core content strategy package might include:

  • Website articles and content editing
  • Blog posts
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media posts

We custom blend our packages so you get only what you need. You get to decide how much or how little you want and we’ll even help you with distribution if you have no internal staff to manage your campaigns.


#email marketing

“Email is dead.” We’ve all heard those rumors. But we are talking about business, and business thrives on FACTS, so let’s look at the facts*.






The average consumer requires 12 touches—twelve!—before making a purchase. That’s a lot of points of contact for each sale. Automated email marketing makes it set-it-and-forget-it easy.

Email marketing is the third most influential source of information for B2B.

Email marketing often has a 2,800% ROI over time. That number is expected to climb to 4,400% as more consumers and marketers get in sync with mobile-optimized emails.

Personalized email messages perform 3x better on average than bulk-blasted emails. Meaning, when you send an email based on user behavior (like an abandoned shopping cart) the email is more relevant and interesting to the recipient.

Emails sent on Tuesday generally get the highest open rates, according to a meta study across 10 different email service platforms. Runner up? Midday on Wednesday.

Are you missing out on email marketing? We can put together a plan, the content, the design, or all three and get you on your way to automated email marketing success.

*Recent statistics sourced from Hubspot and Marketo.



Is your website bland, boring, or flat-out broken? Allied Independent specializes in website “reboots”. We can help you refresh your digital presence with by overhauling your old site and make recommendations to ensure your website is working harder than you are with integrated marketing solutions. After all, a good-looking website is useless if it’s not getting eyeballs—or qualified potential customers.

On occasion, we handle small web development projects in-house. But we also have a team of the developers in Portland and around the country, with whom we work. Let us know how we can put the might back in your site.



Branding is more than the sum of your logo, color palette, and font choices. It is your ethos, your reason for being, your voice and your story. It includes your identity, logo, color palette, and fonts but is so much more. We can help you put together a comprehensive brand that includes your website, social media assets, digital marketing creative, trade show materials, cool schwag, signage—you name it.


Get allied to get elevated.

Whatever your branding or communication needs, we’ve got you covered. As a lean creative services agency, our job is to help you reach your business goals. JOIN US.

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“After changing our business name earlier this year, we scrambled to find a professional copywriter to create marketing materials, sales content and promotional products. We quickly realized we needed help with our brand on a bigger level. Thanks to Üma and her team, we now have marketing materials we’re not embarrassed to hand out and we have a brand to build on.