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Ready to grow your cannabis business?

You're going to need more than smoke signals to reach your audience. Get email and content marketing designed to build your brand, grow your audience audience, and make raving fans.

Cannabis marketing presents unique challenges.
We provide unique marketing solutions.

The cannabis and hemp spaces are often referred to as the "Wild West" of business development. With rapidly-changing rules and regulations, it's hard to get traction using traditional digital marketing options.

This is why your web content, blog, and email marketing is so critical to growing your brand.

If you launched your brand without a well-defined email and content marketing strategy, odds are you're not connecting with the right audience. Or worse…you're just not speaking to them in a way that turns interest into investment and transforms curiosity to connoisseur.

Do you have established email marketing automations (drip campaigns)?

Are you under pressure to create meaningful content for your audience?

Do you have a tough time planning and executing articles, lead magnets, blogs or email campaigns?

Are your brand values coming through for customers seeking that kind of alignment?

Are your potential customers getting the information and customer experience they expect when they engage with your site?

Do you struggle to know what to write or how to optimize your content for your ideal customer?

allied+indie is here to help you engage your audience by crafting compelling content. Our cannabis expertise focuses on de-stigmatizing cannabis use through accurate, factual, content that empowers the reader to make informed choices. We build brand trust.

We are more than copywriters. We are strategic brand storytellers. We are web copy and email marketing experts. We've been around the internet and we know the most provocative web content won't accomplish a thing without optimized design and SEO. In other words, content without a clear strategy is wasted time, effort, and money.

You need more than blog posts. You need a well-researched organic SEO content strategy that offers measurable business goals for your website and your business.

We help mission-driven early and growth-stage businesses optimize their websites to get the results they need to succeed.

What’s your greatest challenge right now?

I Need More Customers

Your website should be attracting new customers. If it's not, we can fix that. Get more customers (and sales) without having to get a graduate degree in digital marketing.

I Need a Strategy

Get a website audit to make sure your content talks to your ideal customer and that your website is optimized. We can provide a stand-alone strategy or help you implement it.

I Need More Content

Once you've got a content strategy, generating content is easier…but not effortless. If you don't have the internal resources to produce high-quality content, we'll do it for you. It's our specialty.

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“As we developed our go-to-market launch, it was clear we needed more than a web designer to produce an ecommerce site. We needed a branding development expert with design and storytelling chops. Üma provided a holistic branding solution to help us not only meet the immediate challenges but also to position us to flexible growth down the road."  


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