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publıshıng creatıve servıces

We offer three standard packages as well as a wide range of a la carte services.


Our basic package for book cover design

3-5 unique cover concepts

3 rounds of revisions

Pre-press preparation (to printer’s specifications)

*Note: Pricing range reflects artwork licensing fees and commissions which vary widely.


Our most common cover design and book layout package for color cover and black and white, text-only interior.

3-5 unique cover concepts

Layout and design interior pages (up to 200 pages; text-only, no images)

3 rounds of revisions of both cover  and layout

Pre-press preparation (to printer’s specifications)


The ideal package for a hardcover, full-color book, or self-published author requiring promotional design support

3-5 unique cover concepts and layout designs

Explore various specialized printing options and treatments

3 rounds of revisions of both cover and layout

Pre-press preparation (to printer’s specifications)

Marketing materials: social media banners and profile images, standard-sized digital ad banners, bookmark design, promotional postcard design

The above rates are our most common fee structures. We would be happy to discuss your needs in detail to provide you with a custom estimate.
*See attached chart for a sample of what’s included in the RockStar package.

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We can provide manuscript editing (also called copy editing or line editing), proofreading, and/or pair you with a developmental editor to help you massage your manuscript to perfection.

Price varies based on word count

Got a burning idea for a book, but break out in a cold sweat when you think about writing? We can help! We’ll ghostwrite your book for you, using in-person, video or phone interviews to gather material, along with extensive research. Or we can coach you through the process of writing your own manuscript, with plenty of creative prompts and critical feedback to help you navigate the narrative. There will also be coffee. Lots of coffee.
Price varies, depending on service provided.

Our branding services provide you and your publication with a professional appeal. That may include developing a logo for your independent publishing label or creating marketing collateral needed to promote yourself and your book. Success in the field of publishing is very much dependent on how your brand is portrayed and consistently applied to all of your marketing materials, and across every channel.
Starting at $500

An effective author website combines marketing lead generation as well as social media integration so you can more effectively connect with your audience. We can design and develop a site for you that is clean, easy to navigate, informative, engaging, integrated with social media, and of course, mobile first. Starting at $3500


We offer e-book conversion for all major e-reader formats.

Price based on page count/layout complexity