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top-appsHands-Free: The Top 5 Smart Phone Apps for Cyclists
categories: editorial, news, sports, technology
“With GPS-enabled smart phones in every cyclist’s pocket riders can tap into technology with apps that make needing a separate cycling computer obsolete. These high-tech tools range from training programs to social sharing apps and navigational guidance. Add a heart-rate monitor, speed sensor or power meter and your smartphone can perform just like an expensive, high-end cycling computer. Read more>


smartetailing instagram articleHOW-TO: Instagram Your Way Into Your Customers’ Hearts
categories: content marketing, thought leader, blog, social media
Instagram is the digital equivalent of sitting around a campfire sharing stories. If you use it as a channel to place ads for your business, you will lose followers faster than Sir Bradley Wiggins breaking the hour record. Instead, use Instagram, to tell the authentic story of WHY you do what you do, and you’ll find your audience growing organically.Read more>


top-appsThe CLYMB: Bike Thieves Suck
categories: content marketing, editorial, sports, technology
“My very first moun­tain bike was stolen after hav­ing it just a few short weeks. It was a cheap, crappy hardtail I used as a bike mes­sen­ger in Man­hat­tan dur­ing col­lege. It never was ridden on a trail, but that’s not the point. The point is whether we rock skinny jeans and skinny tires or baggy shorts and full sus­pen­sion, those dif­fer­ences fade away when we ride. And when some­one messes with our bike, our nat­ural instinct is to mess with them in return. Because bike thieves don’t just steal your bike…they also take a piece of your soul. Read more>


The author, Umabomber, refuels midrace at the Sturdy Dirty Enduro bacon handup stationPINKBIKE: Sturdy Dirty Women’s Enduro Race
categories: editorial feature, news, sports, community, women’s sporting events
“Are you Enduro enough?” It’s a cheeky insider joke and quasi-challenge seen on many a tee-shirt, bumper sticker, blog post and youtube video, and until recently it’s been entirely the province of the Endurbro, aka the DudeBroBrah. But if the success of this weekend’s inaugural women-only Sturdy Dirty Enduro is any indication, the landscape of Enduro racing is changing, and it’s got as many bras as it has bros. Deep in the Pacific Northwest’s Capitol Forest, just two hours’ drive from both Portland and Seattle…  Read more>


project529 blog bannerPROJECT 529: Portland Launch of National Bike Registration Day
categories: editorial, lifestyle, sport, athletics, food + drink, nonfiction
On May 29th, participating bike shops throughout the Portland metropolitan area will be offering free bike registration, in partnership with Project 529—a local start-up that is targeting bike theft by merging a high tech mobile app with community activation. // Portland-based Project 529 aims to put a dent in the stolen bike market through an innovative registration and recovery service called the 529 GarageRead more>


pinkbike arrticle photo Project 529 Sea Otter CLassicBike Stolen? There’s an App for That!
categories: editorial feature, news, sports, press release
“To say we dirt lovers are a passionate lot is an understatement. We ride because dirt is our church, our salvation, and whatever differences we have in how we ride—or what or where or with whom—nothing rankles us more than having our bike stolen. Thieves will steal you blind faster than you can say “Terminal Gravity IPA, please” after your ride. Read more>


nike terra kigerHOW-TO: Hamstring & Adductor Release for Cyclists
categories: how-to, informational, wellness, yoga, sports
When we feel stiff or tight in one area of our body it’s very common to focus on just stretching that particular muscle group—a sort of spot treatment approach to improving flexibility and comfort. This approach is a very ineffective way to try to create lasting change in our musculoskeletal system. You could stretch your hamstrings all day, every day, and still have back or hip pain unless you also address tightness and/or shortness in the adductors and hip flexors… Read more>


Screenshot 2014-07-20 16.43.56Taking a Bike Out of Crime, By the Numbers
categories: blog, web content, editorial, public relations
An oft heard quote among cycling circles is attributed to Greg Lemond: “There are two types of cyclists. Those who have crashed and those who are going to crash.” It’s a pithy way of saying riding your bike is a numbers game. Odds are, if you ride a lot, eventually you’re going to lose the battle with gravity and hit the ground. Right now, the growing tide of bike theft seems almost as inevitable as crashing… Read more>


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