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Optimize your testimonials for better social proof and sales

image of woman holding five stars review

Social proof is an undeniably powerful tool in any business owner’s or marketer’s toolkit. And of all forms of social proof, nothing converts more effectively than customer testimonials. Whether you’re selling services or product, and regardless of whether your audience is b2b or b2c, testimonials work. They work because people tend to take the word…

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Recession-Proof Your Business With Content Marketing

money in soil representing financial growth

I’ve been putting off writing about making your business recession-proof because frankly, the economy is doing okay, despite the trade wars, tarriffs, and market indicators. But in the last month, what had been tentative whispers about a coming recession have become more like a rhaspier, louder smokers cough, barking out caution. From Fortune to Forbes,…

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DIY: Content Strategy Tips

content strategy illustration

Content marketing involves a lot of moving pieces, each as relevant and critical as the next. You need SEO value, good images (with ALT tags), and solid writing at a minimum. But more important than all the above, you need a plan. This means you need a content strategy. Many small business owners taking the…

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Tactical strategy + strategic tactics = winning.

strategy without tactics quote

If I had a nickle for every time a client came to me and wanted content marketing but didn’t have an optimized website (or vice versa), I could have retired a number of years ago. Too often I see start-ups taking a do-it-yourself approach to both, then wondering why their sales are still low, or why…

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Content is (Still) King, but Data is Using the Force, Luke

marketing integration image

  So you’ve finally decided to take your small business or emerging brand to the next level. You’ve decided to overhaul your 10-year-old website and make it responsive. You’ve started to emailing newsletters to customers now and then. You’ve got a Facebook business page and you post something once a week. Maybe you’ve set up…

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Meet Your Customers Where They Are

mobile shopping illo

Recently I had a conversation with a local small business owner who suggested social media marketing was on the decline. “People are burned out and tired of it,” he said. “I’m not sure it’s worth the effort.” This is not an unfamiliar refrain; I‘ve heard it many times, usually from a solopreneurs or start-ups and…

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