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Allied Independent provides brand communications strategy for entrepreneurs, innovators, and small to medium-sized businesses. We create marketing that engages audiences with authentic, creative, compelling storytelling and visual design. We’ve launched marketing for projects in fitness and wellness, health, tech, nonprofit, and social entrepreneur spaces.


Marketing used to be about manufacturing a myth and selling it to an audience, telling them why they should buy your product. Now it’s about telling a truth and sharing authentic experiences.


If a picture paints a thousand words, the right words paint a vivid picture. Language, texture, timbre and tone tell a story, but authenticity and craft compel people to read more.


Advertising and marketing help build brands, but authenticity inspires loyalty. When people believe they share values with a brand, they become the most ardent evangelists for it.


We combine creative live storytelling with fun, interactive exercises to unlock creativity in the workplace. Improve internal and external communications with our engaging workshops.

Uma is a talented, uber-capable, hard-working creative. She combines a deep understanding of business and marketing with her unique personality and ideas to deliver exceptional results for clients. Need words? She can assemble them into content in any medium to generate results.

Jeanna Edelman

Owner, Hot Lips Pizza

Uma worked for me on dozens of custom publishing and print projects over the course of many years, both in-house and remotely. She was always a strong team member and collaborator, no matter the location of the work. Uma’s work was creative, original and of excellent quality. I highly recommend her work and I will continue to use her in the future. Bruce Raskin

Editor in Chief

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